Zoe will always advocate for small business and keeping tax dollars within the community. As a small business owner herself, she understands the challenges and costs involved. The heart of America is small business. Making them competitive, convenient and economical against large corporations is vital.

Small business in Oklahoma means more tax dollars in rural towns who don’t have access to large retail corporations or even broadband to support online ordering in some areas. Small business and each individual household in those rural towns must get the support of their representatives in Washington to continue to keep tax dollars in their communities to thrive.

Take for example, Frank Lucas voted NO on HR 2513 - Corporate Transparency Act of 2019. This is just another way for career politicians and big money corporations to create off shore business' that don't pay US taxes. He opposed placing a civil penalty for providing false or fraudulent beneficial ownership information or for willfully failing to provide complete or updated beneficial ownership information. “To benefit small businesses in Oklahoma, including my own,” said Zoe. “I would have voted yes.”

Tax cuts and bailouts going to big corporations is only increasing the salaries of those at the top. As a business owner, Zoe was appalled that so many found loopholes to get PPP loans; appalled to see those same corporations receive a stimulus payout before the American people. “As a small business owner, VERY grateful for our small PPP loan,” said Zoe. “It allowed us to help our staff for about a month.” Although some, not all, of the big money corporations gave the money back, it's clear our current leadership is okay with hiding who got what and only looking out for their large donors and not us.

It's more obvious than ever that Washington has lost sight of what truly makes our cities and towns thrive. Paying out stimulus money and giving tax breaks to those that don't need it takes money out of the hands of the owner of the local restaurant, boutique, and floral shop, to name a few.

If I'm elected, I will promise transparency and oversight. I will continue to advocate for and propose legislation that will lift up the small business owner. The American people work too hard to be left digging for scraps.


Jeff Bezos was asked to testify and is willing to testify before Congress sometime this summer. Bezos has made over $24 billion since the pandemic began. How is that Americans and their small businesses are going under while billionaires are raking in money like this? Donald Trump’s tax cuts to the wealthiest, that’s how. All the while the GOP sits silent. Ask yourself how much they may have made during the pandemic. Most of you made $1200. Let that sink in.

And let’s really talk about rural broadband. The pandemic has definitely shown us that we ABSOLUTELY MUST get rural broadband to every Oklahoman. When asked what she would do about the issue, she replied, “I just so happen to live in one of those rural areas that suffers frequent outages. Now imagine trying to get out and meet people over the internet to get our message across in the age of COVID. I’ve got ideas for how to fix the problem right here in my own little neck of the woods.” This is a day-one issue when Zoe is elected.

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