Zoe Midyett considers herself a Rural Ranch Democrat. What does that mean you may ask? “It’s simple,” says Zoe. “It means I live on a ranch in middle America where issues surrounding health care and education, among other things, are central to the way of life we value most.” She was in 4-H and FFA and is a lifelong lover of all things agriculture.

A hobby rancher and the owner of Red Earth Feed and Tack in Oklahoma City, Zoe spends her days working with, listening to, and interacting with rural Oklahomans. What she hears most is that the members of the community she lives and works in feel their voices don't matter in Washington DC anymore.
Zoe is a self-proclaimed computer nerd who moved to Oklahoma in 1996 during the tech boom. She was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and lived for a time in Indiana. She now lives in Wellston with her husband and son.

Zoe is of strict integrity and she will never lie to you. "Listen, I know all politicians say they will never lie to you," she said, "but I’m not a politician. I’m a regular everyday American just like you, who is looking for a way out of this mess. I have never made a practice of lying, so why start now?"


In 2006, Zoe bought her favorite feed store, Red Earth Feed & Tack, in Oklahoma City. She has grown her business into a full-service clothing and gift store and feed and tack operation. Listening to her customers talk every day about their issues with our current leadership in Washington is one of the reasons Zoe decided to run for Congress. Along with her business savvy, Zoe is a people person. Her customers come back as much for the conversation and advice as they do for the goods and service.



It was during her time at AOL that Zoe witnessed firsthand the destruction of a deadly tornado. She, along with her family, sprang into action to help those in need. Since those days at AOL, Oklahomans have become dependent on Zoe. When disaster strikes, she and her staff will gather and deliver veterinary and medical supplies, and raise money for those affected. Her assistance with getting injured livestock the medical treatment they need has kept many farmers from losing part of their livelihoods.


In 2013, her effort received donations and deliveries from all across the world. Red Earth Feed & Tack became the central hub for aid dispersal. She and her staff worked day and night to get both animals and their owners whatever they needed. When interviewed by KOMU-Missouri, Zoe exclaimed, “Every little bit has been the biggest kindness. I've cried more this last week from the generosity and kindness from people all across the country. And not just in Oklahoma.” The effort even received donations and training from New Orleans clergy that had worked with Katrina recovery.


Zoe has gained extensive first-hand knowledge of what tornado victims - particularly in rural Oklahoma - need after disaster strikes. She is a proud member of the M.R.C. Medical Reserve Corp. Her membership in the M.R.C. keeps her prepared to assist in tornado and other disaster recovery efforts in Oklahoma. Zoe became aware of where we come together most strongly and where we often fall short in our response. When Zoe is elected to US Congress, she will make funding natural disaster relief a priority. Oklahomans need to know we can rely on our elected officials during times of disaster.


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