As a 2nd Amendment Democrat, let me first say that my rights are as important to me as yours are to you. Listening to my fellow Oklahomans talk, they all seem to be for some sort of gun reform in order to keep or children safe from gun accidents and gun violence at school. They do not believe that their children are expendable. None of us do. Let’s be real here.


“This issue cannot be, how can I say? Can’t be funded anymore,” said Zoe. “If the majority of the American people are for some sort of gun reform, yet the power of the purse held by the NRA and those like Frank Lucas, continue to make the laws, we’re going without proper representation.”


Common sense does not mean the government is coming for your guns. The radical ideas of a few have blurred the lines between common sense safety and rights provided by the Bill of Rights. The American people want common sense laws. Money be gone. There is no amount of money in the world that can replace a child lost to gun violence. addressed with great respect for those that grieve loved ones and those that hold dear the 2nd Amendement.

Midyett 2020 for US Congress Oklahoma District 3 - Moms Demand Action
Midyett 2020 for US Congress Oklahoma District 3 - Everytown for Gun Safety
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